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Helping Injured and Orphaned Wildlife Return to Nature ~~ Education Through Awareness

About Us

Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release

We are licensed wildlife rehabilitators located in Seminole, Florida, providing 24/7 wildlife care in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Hernando counties.

If you find injured or orphaned wildlife on the west central coast of Florida (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs) call Shelley at 727-365-4592 or Linda at 904-703-2815.

We care about wildlife and our shared environment and work closely with area sheriff and police departments, Florida State Parks, SPCA, hotels, marinas, veterinarians, tree trimmers, residents and visitors to capture injured and orphaned wildlife, provide them with professional, around-the-clock care before releasing them back into nature. 

Thank you for caring, too! We couldn't do any of this important work without you.

Photo: We rescued this double crested cormorant from John's Pass. He had swallowed a fish hook and it was sticking out of his chest.  We were able to remove it rehab him with medicine and feed him until he healed. 

What's New

Squirrel Rescue


Eddie called us when he found a nest of baby squirrels after a tree in his yard had been cut down. We told him to put the babies in a box and cut a hole in the box large enough for mama squirrel to slip through. It worked! Mama squirrel came back and relocated all four of her babies to a safe location. Well done, Eddie!

Help Rescue Baby BIrds


If you find young birds in distress, here's how you can help rescue them.

(young, featherless birds that have pink skin) should be put back in their nests if possible. If the nest has dropped to the ground, gather as much of the nest material as possible. Punch holes in the bottom of a  small box or small plastic container...

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Help Rescue Injured Adult Birds


Here are a few tips to help you rescue injured adult birds.

Putting a towel over the bird calms it. Be aware of where its head and beak are to eliminate injury to the bird and yourself, then place the bird in a box, under an upside-down laundry basket or in a pet crate. Leave the towel around the bird, especially if it is wet or cold.

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Thank You Volunteers and Donors!


You - our awesome volunteers and donors - helped rescue, rehabilitate and release back into nature more than 500 birds. And You made all the difference in the world to more than 100 orphaned baby bunnies and squirrels. THANK YOU!

Rescued Loon


This is a juvenile loon that washed up nowhere near any of the permanent loon colonies. After a thorough examination and x-rays, it was determined the loon was uninjured. We successfully released the young loon at Honeymoon Island.

Photo courtesy of Kim Begay



Thank you for your questions... and for caring about wildlife and our shared environments. 

Q: If I handle a baby bird, will its parents reject it because they can smell a human presence?

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Help Injured and Orphaned Wildlife Return to Nature

Your support and contributions make a huge difference in the lives of injured and orphaned wildlife that cannot help themselves. Your generous donations buy food, medications, hospital supplies and equipment. Thank you for caring. 

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